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Counselling: a valuable treatment for psychiatric illnesses like depression.

Counselling is one word that is perhaps the most misunderstood in mental health. A lot of times, clients visit mental health professionals asking for "counselling for depression" or "OCD counselling". This request often leads to disappointment. Let us learn why. 

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Counselling: What is it?

Patients often ask for "counselling for depression", or "counselling for anxiety". It is vital to know that, counselling and therapy, or psychotherapy or CBT are two entirely different things. Not understanding the difference can lead to a significant degree of disappointment from the process.

The word counselling literally means seeking professional help and guidance in solving problems related to personal or professional life. It however does not mean "advise".


Patients often after a session of therapy wonder why they did not get any direct advice on their problem. They are often a bit disapoted that the sessions are continuing over few weeks. They often are surprised when the therapists advise some tasks or homework assignments to them for their issues. This sometimes causes anger and frustration towards the entire process.

Remember, counselling or therapy is a process, where you get help in solving your own problems, the counsellor or the therapist does not solve your problems for you. Counselling or therapy is done in a lot of conditions, like depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance use, addictions, stress, grief, trauma, career counselling to name a few. All these conditions require different techniques and skills in counselling and sometimes, that can take some time.

Remember to seek counselling from a mental health professional who is qualified, trained and experienced in handling mental health issues. Mental health professionals are psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. So if you are looking for counselling for a mental helath issue, or want to know more about it, simply search "psychiatrist near me" or "psychologist near me" in your search engine or ask your doctor.

Do psychiatrists in Kolhapur offer counselling service? 

Kolhapur and surrounding areas such as Ichalkaranji, Sangli, Karad, Hupri, Nipani, Belagavi, Ratnagiri have qualified and trained mental health professionals which include psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors. They provide psychotherpy and counselling services to patients on a daily basis. 


Dhanvantari Nursing Home Neuropsychiatry Centre

331, E, Off Wilder Memorial Church. New Shahupuri.

Kolhapur. 416001. Maharashtra, India. 

Phone: +91-2312662520

Mobile: +91-9167577279

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