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Is OCD curable

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Is OCD curable?

OCD is a common psychiatric illness seen worldwide. Symptoms include repetitive, and distressing thoughts about cleanliness, safety, doubt and are associated with compulsive behaviours such as checking, hand washing etc. OCD is treatable. OCD is curable. For more details: Read the blog below.

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OCD: a glorified illness.

OCD is perhaps the commonest psychiatric illness. However, it is often detected late. A common reason is the fact that, people think of those symptoms as "perfectionism", "cleanliness" or attention to detail. In initial phase, it causes a surprising acceptance to the symptoms. Symptoms sometimes are even celebrated!


Slowly, this becomes a behavioural trap for everything. What was perceived as a habit, slowly starts extending its tentacles putting everything in its claws. This causes significant distress to patients and famliy. It often causes significant loss in terms of money, or even natural resources, as a lot of hand washing leads to significant waste of water.

Often, clients ask: "Doctor, is OCD curable?" or "Doctor, will I get freed from this illness" To answer both questions: 

OCD is treatable. OCD can be treated with medications, counselling and psychotherapy (CBT) and ERP like regimens. Mental health professionals, like psychiatrist in Kolhapur offer these services for people in and around Kolhapur.

Treatments are custom-made, scientifically proven and safe when carried out by trained and experienced mental health professionals. Remember, dont celebrate an illness! Find a solution to beat it.

Treatments available for OCD with us: 

  • Detailed assessment by psychiatrist and diagnostic workup. 

  • Treatment discussion and plan by a team of psychiatrist, CBT therapist and psychologist. 

  • Psychometry and psychological testing wherever necessary. 

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • Medications and antidepressants for quick symptom relief under supervision of a psychiatrist.

  • Counselling.

  • Lifestyle and dietary modifications.  


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