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Dementia treatment

Dementia: why treatment is necessary?

Research shows prevalence of dementia to be 2.7%. With advancing age, this prevalence rises. Above the age of 80 years, this prevalence rises to 20%

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Dementia is nothing but a significant loss of brain cells. As we grow old, we keep losing brain cells. That is part and parcel of growing up. This rate of decay is about 0.25 to 0.5 percent, so as to speak, in 50 years, one would lose somewhere between 1 to 3 percent of brain. In patients with dementia, this rate of decay rises substantially to about 2 to 3 percent per year. This causes significant reduction in brain volume. 

Forgetting and memory problems

Depending on where the brain cell loss occurs, symptoms become apparent. Common symptoms include memory problems, amnesia, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate. Patients also experience other problems like inability to perform fine motor movements, behaviour disturbances and sleep issues. This causes significant distress to the patients, and to their caregivers. 

Treatment is necessary, because with memory problems, patients usually start forgetting day to day activities and life matters. It can cause problems with self care, personal health, day to day activities and social commitments. it is important, because dementia due to certain causes like hypothyroidism and vit B12 deficiency are completely reversible and therefore curable. Dementia is diagnosed with clinical examination, neuroimaging and electrophysiological testing with EEG. Treatments include medications to halt the progression of disease, memory enhancing exercises, physical exercise and lifestyle modification techniques.


To summarise, do not ignore forgetfulness in elderly as it can be a sign of impending dementia. If you notice such symptoms, search for a psychiatrist near you or a neurologist near you to offer such treatments. There are more than 20 psychiatrists in Kolhapur who offer treatment for dementia.   


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