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Depression Treatment in Kolhapur

Treatment for depression: necessary for quatity and quality of life.

Depression, also called major depression, or clinical depression is a common psychiatric disorder. It is estimated to affect 1 in every 4 women, and 1 in every 8 men across their lifetime.

According to the World health Organisation, depression is thought to be the leading cause of morbidity in this century.

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Is feeling sad enough to diagnose depression?

Depression is a mood disorder. Remember, just as your brain controls your heart rate, breathing rate, kidney functions and sleep, it also affects and controls our mood. Mood is a sustained state of mind through which, we see the outer world. Confused? Let me explain.

Think of mood, as your vision. Normally, we can see a clear world around us. There is no blurring or other visual defects. Now imagine, what will happen if you put on blue colored eyeglasses? You will see everything in different shades of blue. Whatever you see, trees, grass, chalk, dirt, your black car, everything will be seen in a shade of blue unless you take those glasses off. It is also important to note, clinical depression is not sadness that we experience after a heartbreak, loss or financial stress.

This is how depression works. It maintains a steady state of mind, where you are able to perceive the outer world as it is, think rationally, act logically and live productively. In depression, mood is not normal (euthymic), but is in various degrees of sad (dysphoric or dysthymic). This causes significant impairment in biological functions, work, social life, and quality of life.
Since, depression is a mood disorder, there are several types of depression, such as bipolar disorder or manic depression, seasonal depression, postpartum depression and major depressive dirorder.
How Do I Know If I Have Depression?
Common depression symptoms and signs include:

  • Sadness of mood

  • Loss of interest in work and pleasure

  • Reduced sleep and apetite

  • Inability to concentrate and work productively.

  • Negative thoughts of self, suicidal thoughts and ideations.

These signs of depression and symptoms must be present for a minimum of 14 days in continuum to diagnose clinical depression or major depressive disorder.

Depression is treatable. With timely diagnosis and treatment, and individual needs, custom made treatment solutions are offered. We at Dhanvantari Nursing Home & Psychiatrist in Kolhapur offer treatments for depression that are scientifically proven and safe.Commonly used treatments for depression include medications (antidepressants), counselling, psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and lifestyle modifications.  Early detection and treatment of depression can be lifesaving.

If you have any doubt or query concerning this, please visit a psychiatrist or a mental health professional near you. To find one either:
1) Ask your family physician for a referral, or
2) Simply search "psychiatrist near me" or "psychiatrist in Kolhapur" in your search engine.

Stay healthy, stay well.

Signs and symptoms of depression

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