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Looking for a 

  • psychiatrist in Kolhapur?

  • mental health facility near you?

  • counselling and psychotherapy centre?

Look no further!

Psychiatric hospital near me

Dhanvantari Nursing Home was established in 1981 in Kolhapur at a time, when psychiatric illnesses and mental health in general were taboo subjects. Through painstaking efforts, hardwork, and collective team effort, we catered to mental health care needs of people in and around Kolhapur. We are proud of our 40 year long experience in mental healthcare and clinical psychiatry. Over the course of time, we have a long list of satisfied clients that runs beyond the number 24000!

Today, we provide a holistic mental healthcare service centre that includes a psychiatric outpatient service, psychiatric inpatient service, emergency psychiatry and suicide prevention program, a specialty counselling and psychotherapy centre for our clients. 

We are a 5 star rated psychiatry and psychiatric hospital service located in the heart of the city of Kolhapur.

Our day-long OPD service, and
24-hour emergency psychiatry and admission service can provide one stop solutions for mental healthcare.


Our areas of expertise include, adult psychiatry and behavioural problems such as treatment for schizophrenia, OCD, depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety and dementia. Our specialty counselling and psychotherapy centre caters to needs of child and adolescent mental health, academic problems, behavioural issues, stress related problems, and parental training. 


For enquiry and appointment booking

24000 satisfied clients from and around


24 Hour Service

Psychiatric Emergencies

Monday To Sunday

Centrally placed,

Easily accessible location

in Kolhapur

We aim to provide a centre of excellence in mental healthcare in and around Kolhapur which promises to deliver the three "A"s , affordability, accessibility and acceptability. Our team of extremely qualified, experienced and skilled psychiatrists and mental health professionals will take care of all your psychological health needs.

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