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Need for psychological health:

Health is not just absence of disease, but is a dynamic concept, where physical, mental and spiritual well being of a person join hands.

Mental health has garnered a special focus in today's world, where longevity is of value, still, quality of life is equally important.

Mental health determines the degree to which a person can live life the fullest, nurture various domains of his or her personality, utilise their potential to its full capacity and, explore different avenues of personal and professional growth.

Mental health also determines physical health by various dynamically driven systems in the body. Depression, anxiety, psychological ill health can affect immunity, apetite, digestion, fertility, appearance and cognitive functioning. It also determines recovery from other long standing and psychosomatic disorders like diabetes, asthma, cancer and stroke.

Mental health is a need of time. Develop the habit of talking about your mental health with a friend, philosopher, guide, family member, colleague, or. a mental health professional.

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